Deniece and Karl

Deniece and Karl are a sweet couple. Surrounded by friends and family, they committed their lives to each other on April 26th, 2014, at the historic Elkridge Furnace Inn, a beautiful old farmhouse outside of Baltimore, overlooking the Patapsco River.  The outdoor ceremony was in fact on the shore of the river.

Following the ceremony was one heck of a party. Karl sure can put on a show!

More to come, but I’ll leave you with this gorgeous shot of Deniece:


College Park Wedding

I attended the University of Maryland back around the turn of the Millennium, and had my own wedding at the Memorial Chapel, so it was a nice walk down memory lane to shoot a wedding there. This was another gig working for Jeanne, and everything just went smoothly.

Baltimore Area Runners

I had a couple of ladies from a Baltimore area running group ask for some pictures. Now, back in the day I could run a little ways at a good pace, but nowadays just watching other people run makes me short of breath. The whole time shooting, I kept worrying about them trying to get me to keep up with them!


Stretching my wings

I don’t know a lot about sports… and even less about basketball.  But I like learning and trying new things.  I have a buddy whose family runs a series of basketball camps, so I said I’d give it a go.  Dark dingy mercury vapor lights? What could go wrong?



Brian and Jessica

I met Brian and Jessica a couple years ago shortly after they got engaged.

Brian and I work for the same agency, but we had never met, but he had heard “Jeff take pictures good”, so we set something up. That’s where I met Jessica, and boy is she a catch.

She’s become one of my favorite people to work with. Anyways, I guess they liked my work enough to allow me to shoot their wedding, knowing full well that I’d only shot one wedding before theirs. That takes a lot of trust.

Jessica was gorgeous. Brian was smitten.

When we first met, I don’t think the two of them knew what the future held. They were focused on each other.

But here is what the future has today: Baby Quinn. I’m so touched that they called me back for another milestone in their lives.


Little do they know what is really waiting for them:

Yeah, that’s my youngest. I’m so proud.

Baby Logan


So one of my oldest friends had his first kid, Logan. She’s a cutie. I have two of my own, but I never took the time when they were newborns to really set up any lights. So now I have another little whelp to practice on. It’s not all peaceful smiles when they’re this little though:



For those curious about gear and technique, these were taken with a Nikon D300s, the 70-200 2.8, and one SB600 through a Lastolite 24″ Easybox. The first shot has a white baby blanket under Mike’s arm providing some needed fill. The black background is a bed sheet nailed over the back window, at 2.8 the high noon sun made it see through and grey, stopped it down a bit to fade to black.

I can’t wait to teach Logan how to give Wet Willies!